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Halo is an FPS (first-person shooter) where you try to prevent the covenant and the flood from taking over and in the end blow up their home, halo. Along with this, though, it has great multiplayer action for up to 16 players.

Single Player:
Halo single player is worth playing. It emphasizes battles against numerous enemies, where you must out smart the AI to reach a goal. Although not too difficult, the game also has many glitches thanks to its great physics engine so you can explore almost anywhere (although i wont go over these, they are too numerous)!

Multi Player:
This is where halo really gets fun. Out smarting your friends (or enemies) on many maps with a good assortment of weapons and powerups never gets old.

Gameplay Tips:
  • Headshots: The simple and most obvious thing. Headshots with pistols and snipers when the enemy has no shields is instant kill. Also, shotguns and the plasma rifle do extra damage with headshots
  • Grenades: Becoming good goes hand in hand with throwing good grenades. Whether it's sticking an enemy with a plasma, or sticking a normal in a corner for a quicker explosion. You can't win without them.
  • Timing: Every item respawns at certain times in the game. Powerups: 1 minute, Rockets: 2 minutes, Sniper: 1 minute, and the rest are usually 30 seconds.
  • Special Jumping: If you crouch in mid air you will jump a little bit higher than normal. Also if you crouch just before you hit the ground you take less damage.
  • Overshields: You are invulnerable as the overshield is going up, so use that to your advantage.
  • Grenade Jumping: Throw a grenade and jump when it explodes to get several feet more air and reach hard-to-get places
  • Reloading: If you press X X Y your first gun will be reloading while you can still fire with the second gun.
  • Quick Camo: After getting the active camoflauge shoot a couple bullets with the assault rifle/shotgun and you will become invisible several times faster.
  • Double Melee: Press B L B to do a melee throw a grenade then do another melee in very quick succession.
  • Grenading Items: Using grenades you can get virtually any item from virtually anywhere by carefully placing the grenade so that the item is exploded in your direction.

  • Sidewinder Sneak: Using a ghost, go to where the jail-type bars are on Sidewinder. Strafe straight at the bars in the ghost and press X to get out of the ghost about half way. If you did it right you will get out and be on the other side of the bars. Move close to the ghost and you can get back in on the other side (with the flag).
  • Warthog Jumps: Get in the gunner seat of a warthog and have it drive straight forward. Face directly backwards and press X. You will jump upwards very high.

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